What is Sigthsense?

Sigthsense is a platform design aimed at improving lives in various different ways. As a platform design it can do many different things but needn’t do all of them. This approach gives the flexibility to provide a range of services centered around safety in the home and resilience to common threats in the form of fires, floods and criminal activity. The device can be stripped of features to provide a minimum cost-solution, depending on the consumer’s context and budget.

Below is a non-exhaustive list with examples of solutions that could be implemented on this platform.

  • Stand-alone fire detector.
  • WiFi networked fire detector.
  • WiFi networked panic-button.
  • Stand-alone fire and flood detector.
  • WiFi networked fire and flood detector with panic-button.
  • Solar powered light.
  • USB powered backup light.
  • Motion detecting courtesy light.
  • Automatic night light.
  • Intruder detector with Bluetooth for control by smartphone and WiFi uplink.
  • Solar light, fire detector, flood sensor, intruder detector with WiFi link to notify users and smartphone interface to control the system.
  • Temperature logger for data gathering with the possibility of threshold alarms.
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