A Sigthsense which has the LED light option built in.

This one has no LED light built in
A herd of Sigthsense casings, work in progress
The SZOMK AK-N-54 casing. The decal was added and LED hole needs to be drilled for those versions. The flat plate clips into the base of the unit to allow for easy wall or ceiling mounting.
The Sigthsense with solar panel and moisture spike
Close up of the solar panel. Dimensions are in mm
Close up of the moisture spike
The LED variant with the top cover clipped off
Another view of the LED version
The underside of the circuit boards with the connector board in the foreground. The solar panel and moisture spike attach to the connector board where it is present. Non rechargeable versions allow for the moisture spike to connect to the base board directly.
Where it all started. The original rate-of-rise shack fire sensor designed by Samuel Ginsberg in November 2013.
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